A Precious Little Bean of a Review!

By Charlotte Hodge

I will be honest with you I am not a hardcore coffee drinker. When I do want to have a drink of what some might call nectar of the gods I want a good smooth tasting cup. I was asked if I would like to try some from PLB “Precious Little Bean” coffee with a cause. They provide custom-labeled coffee for charity fundraising, corporate branding and more. Helping others is their passion. They donate profits from every purchase to charity. How awesome is that? I hadn’t heard of them until I was asked to try some of their coffee and then review. I thought what a great thing they are doing and it is an honor to be asked. Be sure you check out their website plbcoffee.com.

The coffee was delivered and when I opened the box the delicious smell that hit me was a delight to my olfactory system! Seriously some of the best smelling coffee I have ever smelled. It was sent to me from Nanea Hoffman. Check out her blog Sweatpants & Coffee at sweatpantsandcoffee.com.


I mentioned that PLB donates part of the profits to charity. The charity that is close to Nanea’s heart is Met Up – changing the landscape of metastatic cancer through direct action. You can find out more about Nanea’s charity at metup.org.



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One thought on “A Precious Little Bean of a Review!

  1. Love this review & I will check out. I love that coffee helps charity too. 😁💖😁

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