Val’s Variety Show

By Valari Roberts

This week:  A GIVEAWAY!!

Hallo!  I received a ridiculous amount of books all at once (from Goodreads Giveaways) today, and discovered that I had TWO of one book, thanks to a slight mishap! I contacted the author, not feeling right just keeping it without letting him know, in case he needed it back, and discovered that he is quite generous! He agreed that it would be nice to give the extra copy away to an interested reader, so that someone can read it with me! The giveaway will be at the end of this post, and I have a couple of requests.

First: PLEASE, only enter if you are truly interested in reading the book. He spent money to have it sent and printed, and I’ll be spending money to send it to you.

Second: Read it with me? It is a collection of shorts, so we could read each story at the same time, when it’s convenient for both.

Third: Could you pretty please leave a review? Anywhere you usually do. Heck, I’ll even add it to my review page here on the blog, if you like!

These are obviously not requirements (how would enforce them if they were, right?), but I would be most appreciative if you did. Now, time to let you know about the book!


41yj4rtl0hLTitle: Once More Silver Dollare

Author: F. Louis Miller

Print Length: 303 pages

Publication Date: October 26, 2016

Genre: Romance

Synopsis: ​One More Silver Dollar-Love Stories, is a story about a man turning fifty who realizes that with half his life over he needs to record his cherished memories before they are lost to the mists of time. This leads him to reflect on his career, his family, and his life as a young man, when he was young, handsome and knew many beautiful young women. He sits down with a ghost writer and unravels the tales of his many love affairs with a host of beautiful, intelligent, and impossibly sexy young women with whom he had relationships.

The novel traces his life from childhood and the awakening of his sexuality, his loss of virginity at age eighteen and the numerous experiences he had with a host of young women until he met his wife at age 30 and married. The stories include humorous escapades, frightening encounters, and even tragic circumstances.

Goodreads  ~  Amazon

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