What do you like to put on your salad?

By Michele Villery

I love a good salad.  In fact, you can call me a salad junkie.  Especially, this time of year with fresh and locally grown veggies.

I love to put them in jars and store them in a pinch as well.  I love adding  some turkey, chicken and cheese  mixed with various greens and veggies and a good dressing.

But, I want to change it up and need your help. So, tell me.  What kinds of things to you put in your salad?  Comment away!  And i’ll try it and post it for a future blog!



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8 thoughts on “What do you like to put on your salad?

  1. Oh! I might be a little help on this one. Hubs has some BP problems, so I’ve changed our diets, and we eat a LOT of salad. One thing we make is what I call White People Taco Salad. Because I have no idea what it was actually called LOL.

    Make your salad like usual, and add either grilled chicken or a bit of cooked and drained ground beef, a can of ranch style beans, Catalina dressing to taste (this is the ONLY thing I like it in), and some Fritos. That’s it, that’s all you do! And changing the meat out makes it taste a lot different, so that makes it almost like two separate things.

    Tonight we’re having grilled chicken salad and I’m going to try just adding ranch style beans, see how that works out ^_^

    Hope this helped a little, at least!

  2. We make a chicken ceasar pasta salad. It’s pretty simple. Chicken, salad greens, tricolor pasta, parmesean cheese and caesar dressing. I also add grape tomatoes and sometimes bacon bits. But it’s easy and delicious.

  3. Also, I LOVE to add scoops in my salads. We do a regular garden salad and just add a scoop of chicken salad, tuna salad and egg salad. You barely need to add dressing. I too am a salad lover. 🙂

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