It’s in the genes!

By: Michele Lemieur


Adoption can be scary and man don’t I know it! My oldest son is adopted. It’s something that we’ve never hid from him.  It’s an open adoption and that in and of itself can be terrifying.  His biological mother hasn’t seen him in many years, but we were blessed with a loving and supportive biological father.

You see, when Landon was a couple weeks old, we were at risk of his birthmother taking him back, but forces were working unbeknownst to us to keep us together.  We had found out that his true birthfather was not the man on his birth certificate. Our hero came in the form of a young man, who sight unseen and going on only what he’d been told of us, was fighting to keep his son where he was.

His nickname is Skip and he was raised in a military family.  He told me that he struggled with the idea of raising Landon himself, but knew being a single father just starting his own military career was not the life for a child.  We finally met him when Landon was about a month old.  Let me tell you that there is no doubting who this little boy looks like.  My son is growing into a nice looking man like his birthfather.

Over the years, our lives have changed, but Landon was the hub connecting us all.  His birthfather went on to get married and have four children of his own and after two tours of duty in Afghanistan as a field medic is now adjusting to civilian life. Skip’s parents have embraced us as family and we have enjoyed many gatherings together with all the kids.  I couldn’t imagine not sharing my son with this loving extended family.  They have enriched our lives more than I could ever have thought possible.

As Landon has gotten older, I see so many characteristics of Skip in him and not just the visible ones.  They ran a 5K together, enjoyed playing baseball, a silly rise of an eyebrow, and  most now fly fishing has been added to their growing list.  Just because Skip didn’t raise Landon, there are more and more similarities between them that can’t be explained by nothing other than genetics.


Skip’s dad told me story about a conversation they had prior to his first deployment.  Skip was looking at fly fishing poles while stationed in Alaska.  He told his son that if he came home that he would buy that pole for him.  I love when they share these memories with me.  So needless to say, when I asked Skip for help in finding a fly fishing pole for Landon he was stoked!  Just recently, they were able to share some time together in the water. True memories made.



Don’t let fear keep you from the greatest adventure of your life because it just may bring you everything you could ever hope for.  Because of one young man’s selfless decision, he made me a mom and I’ll be forever grateful.

Be strong! Be courageous!

P.S….all pictures are mine 🙂






5 thoughts on “It’s in the genes!

  1. I love reading heart warming stories such as this one 🙂
    Your so to fortunate to keep such a strong bond with extended family after the adoption. Truly blessed!

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