Cooking With Shell… The Quiche With No Name!

There is nothing that says elegance than Quiche.  They are beautiful, savory, versatile and actually quite easy to make.

Lately,  due to work a lot of overtime at my day job,  I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare  a full out Easter dinner like I have in the past.

So, on my one day off I put together a small brunch for myself along with my family who came by and I decided to make this Quiche …with no name.

I’m already apologizing in advance for the mess.  I decided to take photos at the last minute and to be honest,  by the time the quiche had cooled.  It was devoured. Safe to say this was successful.

(all photos were taken by me)

This is what I used:


A prepared, refrigerated pie crust

A cup of cream or half and half (whichever you prefer)

3 eggs, slightly beaten

A dash of Salt

A dash of Pepper

A dash of Garlic Powder

A dash Emeril’s Essence

1/2 of a cup of cubed ham

A cup of sliced baby Bell Mushrooms

1 Small Onion, diced

Clove of minced garlic

A cup of Shredded Colby Jack Cheese

*Note* you can use whatever kind of Shredded Cheese or veggies you have on hand.


Place pie crust in pan and pre-heat your oven at 350 degrees.

Chop your Onion (I used my food processor! Quickest way and no tears for this chick!)

Then, saute,  onions, mushrooms and garlic until  soft. Drain off any oil or extra liquid.

Put in pie crust.

Then  combine eggs,  cream along with salt, pepper,  garlic powder and essence together in a bowl and add that to your veggie mixture along with the cubed ham.


Top with cheese.

Bake for 40-50 minutes at 350 degrees  until knife inserted comes out clean.

Let stand for about 10-15 minutes.   Slice into pieces.

So tell me what you had for Easter and what do you put in your Quiche?  Let’s share!






What do you like to put on your salad?

By Michele Villery

I love a good salad.  In fact, you can call me a salad junkie.  Especially, this time of year with fresh and locally grown veggies.

I love to put them in jars and store them in a pinch as well.  I love adding  some turkey, chicken and cheese  mixed with various greens and veggies and a good dressing.

But, I want to change it up and need your help. So, tell me.  What kinds of things to you put in your salad?  Comment away!  And i’ll try it and post it for a future blog!


Deja Revu – April 24, 2017

Déjà Revu is a weekly review round-up that is open to all book review blogs.




Dystopian/Post Apocalyptic









Dystopian/Post Apocalyptic

General Fiction






Woman’s Fiction


Alcohol Addiction Awareness

The month of April spreads awareness on many worthy causes.  Here’s a list of some of them, though I can guarantee that I’ve missed some!

Autism Awareness
National Child Abuse Prevention
National Donate Life Month (Organ Donation)
Parkinson’s Awareness
National Cancer Control
Head and Neck Cancer Awareness
Testicular Cancer Awareness
Esophageal Cancer Awareness
Stress Awareness


First and foremost!  Alcohol addiction is not having the occasional drink.  It’s not getting drunk every once in a while.  To me, it’s needing a drink all the time.  Being unable to unwind or relax or enjoy yourself without having a drink.  Needing to get drunk every weekend, regardless of where you are or what is going on.  It’s feeling the need to go buy and crack open a beer at a one year old’s birthday party.  Okay, that last one is personal, but I mean, really?!  Okay, back to the subject, my bad!

Now, this article isn’t going to be about that, I just wanted to clarify my thoughts on it.  No, this is going about something that I saw that just keep niggling at me, kept bothering me.  And then about my realization that that nagging feeling about it was a direct result of growing surrounded by alcoholics.

This little story is about a wine glass that my friend recently won and gave to me.  She doesn’t drink at all, and I, rarely.  But when I do, it’s a cold glass of Blackberry Arbor Mist.  (That’s right, I’m cheap haha!  Sue me, it tastes good!)  This glass is where the problem lies.  It’s cute, has some stripes and little phrase that, to most, is harmless and funny.  And it should be!  It’s was never meant to bother someone, and it really shouldn’t, honestly.

Wine is Cheaper Than Therapy

See?  Nothing inherently wrong with that, right?  Yet, it kept popping back into my head, whispering to me that it is not, in fact, cheaper than therapy.  If you come from an alcoholic family, wine is the LAST thing you need in place of therapy.   Wine could very well be the cause of your need of therapy.  Sure, maybe drinking a bottle at a time will make YOU feel better for a time, but how are those around you being affected?  Are you causing irreversible damage to a child’s psyche?  Is your vodka addiction causing you to lash out and hurt people?  Or, maybe, is your incessant need to guzzle beer until you can’t see straight raising a child who blows things out of proportion and overthinks things, to the point of writing an entire article on the words of an innocent wine glass?

Well, that may have been a bit telling, there, but seriously, I’m little screwed up.  I’m afraid of making people angry because of personal history, and so will go out of my way simply to try and keep other’s appeased.  I’m so afraid of the grip alcohol seems to have on my bloodline that I avoid it almost completely, save for my single glass of cheap, sweet wine maybe twice a year.  And I have become the black sheep of the family for NOT wanting to drink all the time.  And that is okay, because I would rather my own children not have the issue of losing sleep over, contemplating obsessively about, and being generally haunted by a simple string of words on a glass.


Wine is Cheaper Than Therapy

Except for when it’s not.


I put out a call for short stories from those affected by alcohol for this little piece, and here are the results.  Do you have anything to add?  Maybe a story of your own to share in the comments?  Feel free to share whatever you would like!


With Love and any support you need,



It’s in the genes!

By: Michele Lemieur


Adoption can be scary and man don’t I know it! My oldest son is adopted. It’s something that we’ve never hid from him.  It’s an open adoption and that in and of itself can be terrifying.  His biological mother hasn’t seen him in many years, but we were blessed with a loving and supportive biological father.

You see, when Landon was a couple weeks old, we were at risk of his birthmother taking him back, but forces were working unbeknownst to us to keep us together.  We had found out that his true birthfather was not the man on his birth certificate. Our hero came in the form of a young man, who sight unseen and going on only what he’d been told of us, was fighting to keep his son where he was.

His nickname is Skip and he was raised in a military family.  He told me that he struggled with the idea of raising Landon himself, but knew being a single father just starting his own military career was not the life for a child.  We finally met him when Landon was about a month old.  Let me tell you that there is no doubting who this little boy looks like.  My son is growing into a nice looking man like his birthfather.

Over the years, our lives have changed, but Landon was the hub connecting us all.  His birthfather went on to get married and have four children of his own and after two tours of duty in Afghanistan as a field medic is now adjusting to civilian life. Skip’s parents have embraced us as family and we have enjoyed many gatherings together with all the kids.  I couldn’t imagine not sharing my son with this loving extended family.  They have enriched our lives more than I could ever have thought possible.

As Landon has gotten older, I see so many characteristics of Skip in him and not just the visible ones.  They ran a 5K together, enjoyed playing baseball, a silly rise of an eyebrow, and  most now fly fishing has been added to their growing list.  Just because Skip didn’t raise Landon, there are more and more similarities between them that can’t be explained by nothing other than genetics.


Skip’s dad told me story about a conversation they had prior to his first deployment.  Skip was looking at fly fishing poles while stationed in Alaska.  He told his son that if he came home that he would buy that pole for him.  I love when they share these memories with me.  So needless to say, when I asked Skip for help in finding a fly fishing pole for Landon he was stoked!  Just recently, they were able to share some time together in the water. True memories made.



Don’t let fear keep you from the greatest adventure of your life because it just may bring you everything you could ever hope for.  Because of one young man’s selfless decision, he made me a mom and I’ll be forever grateful.

Be strong! Be courageous!

P.S….all pictures are mine 🙂





The Perfect Spring Shadow For Casual or Date night looks!!!

By Juquinthe Norman
The Nude collection eyeshadow palette by Pure Cosmetics is great for Spring. The palette comes with 12 different shades & is $50 at the Pure Cosmetics site.
I posted a swatch of some of the colors. However, as a woman of color, some of the colors are even more light & subdued on my deep skin tone. The colors that are very light on my tone I would apply a little more  and then blend more and apply another color if needed or black eyeliner to make it pop more. I used this technique in the picture below when I used to two of the colors from the eyeshadow palette.
I love the pigmentation of the light and dark colors. I love the smoothness of applying the eyeshadow . I used the 2 sided eyeshadow brush that comes with the palette. The eyeshadow colors are great to mix and blend to together for a casual look for work or a more exotic look for date night.
I adore this nude palette.  I recommend it to for those who want to try to new eyeshadow colors or want to expand their makeup collection and already love the Nude makeup trend.
I also want to give a cheaper more budget friendly recommendation. My cheaper recommendation is E.L.F. cosmetics Prism Eyeshadow Palette for $10.

The Ordinary Review

By Josie Coffman

When my friend first asked me if I had heard of the Ordinary Skincare line I thought she was doing that thing you do when you can’t remember the right name. Turned out that really is the name. It’s a Deciem product and debuted last year to a whole lot of buzz.
I won’t lie, the biggest draw for me was the price. The most expensive product under the Ordinary line is the ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate solution 20% in Vitamin F at $17.80. That mouthful is a Vitamin C solution. Most other products are under ten dollars with many under six dollars. When you’ve been fighting off sensitive skin symptoms and wrinkles with ninety dollar Vitamin C serum and eighty dollar Retinoid those prices could almost made a girl giddy. So I went to their site at, had a look at their very helpful product guide and ordered a few things.

The products are not fancy. The name is not just a marketing ploy Not only is the packaging quite plain but so are the actual names of the products. The only one that doesn’t look like an answer on a chem final is the Buffet. And you’d need a degree to fully understand the product descriptions but you can get the gist amongst all the sciency language, and that product guide will help a lot when you’re planning a regimen.
The products themselves don’t have colors or scents and they don’t have the nice silky smooth feel of more expensive products but…so cheap! They are all vegan and cruelty free and made in Canada which has all those nice comforting regulations. Below are the products I’ve purchased and have been using for a couple of months. I have to say the results are as good or better than the expensive products I had been using.
Morning routine:

After cleansing (they do not have a cleanser and I don’t see any plans in the works to make one) I use the Buffet ($14.80) which is The Ordinary’s cocktail of helpful chemicals which is meant to target multiple signs of aging. Which is handy since I have them all. It’s clear and has a gel-like texture. My aging signs seem to be held at bay as well as could be expected without surgery.

 I let that dry a bit and then smooth on the Hyalruronic Acid 2% plus B5 ($6.80) which is also a clear gel and supports hydration. I have dry skin but with the HA it’s nice and hydrated.

When these are dry I finish with the 100% Plant-Derived Squalane ($7.90) which sounds like something a Bond villain would use to poison the world’s water supply but is actually a very light, clear oil. If you haven’t used facial oils I highly recommend them if your skin can tolerate them. The Ordinary has several to choose from. The squalane makes my skin dewy and soft but not greasy.

Night Routine

Again after cleansing I use the Advanced Retinoid 2% ($9.80). This is a milky, thin serum and has almost no texture once on the skin. Retinoids can be irritating so if you haven’t used one before read the info they provide. They have a 1% as well. Retinol is great for wrinkles and skin texture.

After this I follow with the Vitamin C Suspension 23% Plus HA Spheres 2% ($5.80). That name barely fits on the tiny container, but it works as well as the stuff for which I was paying ninety bucks. The problem for some here will be the texture—it’s vitamin C powder in a white, slightly oily suspension and it is a bit gritty. As you rub it in the sandy texture disappears but this could be a deal breaker for some. Since I only use it at night the texture doesn’t bother me. And there’s that low price. There are other C products in the line that wouldn’t have this texture but might not be as effective. Vitamin C can also be irritating so consider a different option if your skin is very sensitive but if you can use it, it works miracles for skin texture and elasticity.

Once this has been absorbed I follow with the squalane again. About three nights a week after cleansing I use the Lactic Acid 5% plus HA 2% ($6.50) —this a peel—simply followed by the squalane. It makes the skin very soft and helps with cell turnover but if you’re a sun person you might want to avoid it as it does increase sun sensitivity. I’m a pasty hermit so no problem for me.

The Ordinary does have a caffeine solution for dark circles and puffiness ($6.70) but not an eye cream which I need for hydration so I use a different brand’s product for that. And full disclosure, the one product I didn’t care for was the Natural Moisturizing Factors plus HA ($5.80). I found it a bit too waxy and not hydrating enough but it might work better for more oily and/or less mature skin.

I’ve been very happy with the results from these products and for me the lack of color or scent is a plus. And at these prices you can experiment and not feel too bad if something doesn’t work out, plus from what I hear they will happily refund your money if you’re not satisfied. They also have great customer service by phone and will help you find a routine that works for you. I’ve ordered a couple more products including a primer and I’m now eagerly awaiting the release of their ‘Colours’ line which is their version of foundation.

So if you want fancy packaging and products with a luxurious feel this won’t be for you, but if you’re just interested in better skin for a shockingly low cost–give The Ordinary a try.