Waiting all of March for April

By Valari Roberts

So, I’ve been stalking this female for. . . well, I don’t actually know anymore.  Day 3, anyway. She gorgeous!  Long, slender legs, graceful and elegant neck.  Just beautiful.  I watch her through a camera in the corner of her room, and sometimes her boyfriend comes in with her.  SO much fun to watch.  Oh, and she’s pregnant, which is what drew me to watch her in the first place.  I imagine her giggling when she throws herself a hay shower.  I DID mention that it’s a giraffe, right?  And I kind of think she’s lying about this whole pregnancy thing at this point.

Nah, I kid!  It’s hard to pinpoint the exact conception date for giraffes, as they’re mating cycle occurs every 17 days.  17 DAYS!  HOLY MOLY!!  Any who, as I sit here and watch the live giraffe cam, I thought it might be fun, or at least interesting, to gather up some facts about giraffes and share.

Now, before we start with our random factoids about the beautiful creatures, here’s the link to the YouTube channel for Animal Adventure Park.  The live feed changes out every 12 hours (I think, I could be wrong) so the channel would be easiest to find the current feed.

Live feed video list is here  à http://bit.ly/2mR2XY8

One more note:  I think it is AMAZING that the good folks there at AAP have done this live feed in order to let the rest of us witness such a beautiful event!

I do not own any of these images, all rights to Animal Adventure Park and the respective photographer(s).

Life Span of a Giraffe: First, the sad thing I found is that only 20% to 25% of Giraffes even make it to adulthood.  Of those, the life expectancy is approximately 10-15 years in the wild, and 28 years in captivity.

Size: Fully grown, a male giraffe can reach heights of 16 – 20 ft. and weigh about 2,600 lbs., while a female will reach around 15 ft.  and weigh about 1,800 lbs.  Giraffe’s are the tallest mammals in the world!

Family type Female giraffes tend to herd together in groups that average 10-12 members, caring for the young.  Young bulls, once able to care for themselves, will create a separate group, a “bachelor herd”, until the reach full maturity.  At that point, bulls will often live alone, save for mating.  They do not mate for life, but rather leave again once the deed is done.

Gestation Period: 13 – 15 months.  That’s a new  one from me!

Speed: In a short sprint at full speed, a giraffe can get up to 35 MPH!

Ossicones:  These are the hairy horns on a giraffe’s head.  Males use them to fight, but that’s about it.

World Giraffe Day: The first ever World Giraffe Day was on June 21, 2014.

I do not own any of these images, all rights to Animal Adventure Park and the respective photographer(s).


Random Facts about Giraffe Birthing

Female giraffes tend to return to the place THEY were born to give birth to their own babies.

During birth, a calf will fall around 6 feet to the ground from their mother.  Don’t worry, they’re built for it!

Momma giraffes don’t stop to give birth.  This is due to the risk of predators in the wild.  They will keep walking for the most part.

A calf will usually be on her feet within an hour of birth, and nursing shortly after.

A newborn will weigh approximately 100-150 lbs and be 6 feet tall.

April and Oliver, my favorite power couple!  I do not own any of these images, all rights and credit to Animal Adventure Park and the respective photographer(s).

Well, that’s all I’ve gotten!  At the time of writing this, there are no hooves swinging around yet, but maybe by the time this goes live?  We’ll have to see!

To learn more about the zoo dear April lives in, please visit their:

Website: www.TheAnimalAdventurePark.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnimalAdventurePark

And hey, if you’re in the NY area, maybe visit and get me a souvenir!  (Just kidding 😉 ): 85 Martin Hill Rd, Harpursville, NY 13787




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5 thoughts on “Waiting all of March for April

  1. It really does!! I’ve been watching this giraffe for however long now (Jude bossed me to in he beginning haha), and now I’m just so invested!

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