Once upon a time…..

By: Michele Lemieur

Once upon a time there was a book that attracted readers young and old.  I am sure that when Stephanie Meyer wrote Twilight that she did not expect the global ramifications that it would leave in its wake.  I personally was a late comer to the Twilight world, but soon learned that it was so much more than a young adult, paranormal love triangle between a human girl, a vampire and a werewolf.

After numerous times of picking up the book and putting it back on the shelf, I said ‘what the heck!’ and bought it.  I lived in Phoenix, Arizona for many years and was instantly hooked.  Bella spoke of a place that I once called home and my school district by name. I saw myself in her.  Having moved from Phoenix when I was a freshman in high school to a small town in Northern Michigan and her to Washington, her struggles were mine.

I power read that series within a matter of a few days. Seeking out others who felt as I did, I found myself on the TwilightMoms website where I discovered a page for Michigan Moms. Who knew that what happened next would change my life forever.  A Michigan woman invited me to join her yahoo group, MiTwi (Michigan Twilight Moms) only to find out she lived ten minutes from me.  So, I took a chance and called her and made a date to see Twilight.

Sonya and I became fast friends as did the other MiTwi’s.  Nine years later, our lives  are intertwined so far beyond a book series.  We encourage each other, support each other and love each other like sisters.  The core numbers have dwindled some, but we’re still connected via social media.  Some have gotten married, some have had children, some have new business ventures and others live vicariously through our international traveler.


A seven years ago, I traveled to Forks with three of my girls. It was more than just about a book.  Sure we went to LaPush, Rialto Beach, the real high school, hiked the Hoh (rainforest that is), but we fell in love with this quiet little corner of the world. We all threaten to move there permanently one day. The Twilight craze had died, but the lifelong bonds that were made because of a book will live on forever.


Sunset at LaPush Indian Reservation (photo by M Lemieur)




Ya, that’s me. Happy. Peaceful.

P.S…..all photos by me 🙂






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