Got Caked Lip Fondant???

By Juquinthe Norman
I first of heard of the Tampa, Florida based Caked Makeup Vegan Lip Fondant through the Ipsy Glam Bag deals last month. Caked was selling 3 of their top selling  lip fondants for as a set of 3 for $18. Amazing deal. The normal price for one lip fondant is $16.
 Caked matte dry lip fondants have 9 colors to select from & vary from shades of reds, purples, pinks, & nudes. I find that the  colors dry fast  are long lasting even after eating & drinking throughout the day.
 I received the 3 colors Low Key, Creme De La Creme, & Legit through the Ipsy Glam bag deal.
In my photo, I’m wearing the gorgeous Low Key.
I just ordered a new color, Copy Paste, from them today. I would recommend to beauty lovers to give this new makeup line of a year run by 2 sisters a try!
Go out find the color that fits your style & personality best.
Find your inner Caked ladies & gents!





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I'm a freelance journalist who has covered a number of topics including celebrity news, pets, food and pop culture. I currently cover entertainment news for Talk Nerdy With Us and various topics for 2 Palms Media under their Hot Pop Titles!

6 thoughts on “Got Caked Lip Fondant???

  1. Thank you for the post! I’m loving the color pigmination and the packaging is so cute. I’m looking for more vegan makeup brands to try! And long lasting?! Fantastic! Thanks again, I’ll be sure to check out their red shades! 😀

  2. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments. Yes Caked is great. Great colors and great price. I like that it lasted long when I wore it too. xx

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