Music for the Soul

by Michele Lemieur

Sometimes a song can say what your heart can’t.  I have always loved music and to this day can be transported to a place or time with just a song.  My older brother exposed me to the punk bands of the 80’s while I worked at a western restaurant with my mother that had a live country band. Needless to say, my musical tastes are all encompassing.

I remember one day at work I had my iTunes music playing when the IT guy sitting next to me says, “you are the only person I know that can go from a French love song to Rob Zombie.” Well, what can I say? That was until I discovered Pandora and a whole new world of music was opened up to me. Even at 42, I still love a heavy bass or dubstep.  Ahhh dubstep,  I actually found a song that could give me goose bumps just listening to it. What is dubstep? It’s a form of electronic dance music. Let me introduce you to Bassnectar’s Butterfly (ft Mimi Page).

Bassnectar’s Butterfly (ft Mimi Page)

The year Emily was born and then got her angel wings, Diamond Rio’s One More Day was a big hit.  This song said everything my heart prayed for, but I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied with only one more day with her. I began collecting songs that made me think of her. Kenny Chesney’s Who’d You Be Today, Alter Bridge’s In Loving Memory, Garth Brooks’ When You Come Back To Me Again…now this one spoke to my soul.  I never questioned my faith and this song reminded me that God was with me and my daughter wanted me to live and be happy. She and I will have our time, but not yet. I have to raise her brothers first.

Garth Brooks’ When You Come Back to Me Again

I am so happy to be able to share my love of music with my oldest. He has recently discovered the 80’s genre. I am so in my glory with this one! He’s always asking, “Hey ma, do you know this one?”  We are always sharing our newest favorites or dislikes for that matter. My youngest like country music and especially Luke Bryan.  Who’d a thunk?

Music can inspire hope in the most darkest of moments, it can remind us of our most cherished memory and it can empower and encourage greatness when we need someone to say you are awesome!

Sia’s Alive…….I’m alive!


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