Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Cult Classic

By Donna Newman

20th Anniversary -March 10th


I just finished a binge watch of this wonderful cult classic. I am not sure what took me so long to decide to watch, but I am glad I did. This show will be celebrating it’s 20th Anniversary this year and while the CGI isn’t fantastic . 20 years later,  you can still appreciate the wonderfully woven storylines by Joss Whedon.

Buffy originally began in 1997 -2003 on The WB and UPN , though was preceded in 1992 with the movie (which I did see many years go, I have to say I enjoyed the show much more than the movie. ) .  And the series continues in the comics .

The combination of a great storyline and characters is what drew me in . Most people have said the first season isn’t the greatest, but for me I enjoyed the first season as much as the others.  Not surprisingly, this show has remained a cult classic to this day.


What connected me to it?  Joss Whedon , should I say more ?  But seriously, like I said above storyline and characters . Plus I will add , my favorite type of show is anything to do with paranormal/supernatural.

My Favorite Characters , Buffy of course , Zander (though at times he did frustrate me), Willow , Oz, Giles,  Angel and Spike.  Who are your favorites?


My least favorite  I really only have one and that is Riley . He drove me nuts with his pitiful , I want her to need me attitude.. Did you feel the same way as I did or did you like Riley ? If you did like him , tell me why ?

download (3)

One of my absolutely favorite episodes is Once More, With A Feeling.  This was such a fun episode. Musical episodes could be a good thing or bad thing , depending on how well they are done and with Josh Whedon at the helm , this one was done with perfection.  

I want to know if you watched Buffy ? Are you a fan? What drew you in? The Storylines, Characters ?  When did you first start to watch ? Back when it was originally aired  or did you discover it on Netflix , Hulu or some other streaming sites?

Also, would you like to see a reboot ? If so who do you think could play Buffy today?  Or do you think it should just stay a cult classic?

Do you think if it aired today would it be as popular as it was when if first aired?



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