Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret: Go Bistro, The Best Ramen in Town

Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret: Go Bistro, The Best Ramen in Town
By Arlene Allen

I am not the world’s largest ramen fan but my daughter is, and I do enjoy good Japanese food in general. However this little tiny hole in the wall, Go Bistro, was beyond delicious. You might walk by the small storefront on “the Strip” of downtown Hollywood, at 2035 Hollywood Blvd. Their website touts their sushi and yakitori as well as ramen, which we will have to go back and sample.

My daughter is the one who dragged me inside, as she loves ramen and was in the mood to try something new. The menu is extensive and interesting, and it was tough to choose between the chicken yakitori or a sushi platter – or hot buns, which I adore – but Sara convinced me to give the pork ramen a shot. I am so glad I did, because, WOW! It engaged every single one of my tastebuds. The pork was so tender, it simply melted in my mouth, no chewing required. The broth was perfectly savory.

The portion size is huge, and we ended up taking home a decent sized portion, enough to enjoy for lunch the next day. While at Go Bistro, we also had an appetizer of pork gyoza, which was also delicious. Instead of soda, we treated ourselves to Ramune, traditional Japanese soda pop. It’s almost pure sugar, but it tastes great, is thirst quenching – and the bottle itself is just so much fun to play with.

We fully intend to go back, and check out their Gangnam wings, a house specialty that we’ve heard raves about. We do know not to fill up on anything substantial before going, as the tempting menu entices one to order way more than once can eat in one sitting (which is fine because even the leftovers were fantastic the next day).

Their full menu can be viewed online at eatgobistro.com. It is, as I have said, a very small restaurant so you may want to call ahead and find out how busy they are at any given time. They are open until 2 am Monday through Saturday, so I’m sure there will be a time convenient for all of the ramen cravers out there. Pricing rates in the $$$.

After you are done at Go Bistro, hang out on the strip for dessert, at either Kilwin’s Chocolates (one of Florida’s own chocolatiers), or have some gelato at Tasta Gelato which is right next door.

The strip in downtown Hollywood is always a fun destination, with many unique restaurants like Go Bistro, live music venues, and quirky little shops. If you ever travel to the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area, make it a point to scope it out!


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Hello, my name is Arlene Allen: I am @sleepingkoala45 on Twitter. I am a retired public service librarian, a writer, a reviewer who spent seven years writing and reviewing specifically for teens at VOYA (under Arlene Garcia). In 2007 at the Broward County Main Library in Ft. Lauderdale I presented the first annual; “Librar-ations” animefest to almost 1,000 attendees. I currently am a contributing writer for Talk Nerdy With Us and Starry Constellation Magazine. Most importantly I am a fan. I have been in fandom for over 30 years and am still active in Florida and beyond. This upcoming week I will be live tweeting from GenCon! I am heavily involved in multi -media - movies, television, books and music. I have a partner in crime who helps keep me young and energetic and that is my 23 year old daughter, who is also an award winning young writer (if I may say so myself).

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