Waiting all of March for April

By Valari Roberts

So, I’ve been stalking this female for. . . well, I don’t actually know anymore.  Day 3, anyway. She gorgeous!  Long, slender legs, graceful and elegant neck.  Just beautiful.  I watch her through a camera in the corner of her room, and sometimes her boyfriend comes in with her.  SO much fun to watch.  Oh, and she’s pregnant, which is what drew me to watch her in the first place.  I imagine her giggling when she throws herself a hay shower.  I DID mention that it’s a giraffe, right?  And I kind of think she’s lying about this whole pregnancy thing at this point.

Nah, I kid!  It’s hard to pinpoint the exact conception date for giraffes, as they’re mating cycle occurs every 17 days.  17 DAYS!  HOLY MOLY!!  Any who, as I sit here and watch the live giraffe cam, I thought it might be fun, or at least interesting, to gather up some facts about giraffes and share.

Now, before we start with our random factoids about the beautiful creatures, here’s the link to the YouTube channel for Animal Adventure Park.  The live feed changes out every 12 hours (I think, I could be wrong) so the channel would be easiest to find the current feed.

Live feed video list is here  à http://bit.ly/2mR2XY8

One more note:  I think it is AMAZING that the good folks there at AAP have done this live feed in order to let the rest of us witness such a beautiful event!


I do not own any of these images, all rights to Animal Adventure Park and the respective photographer(s).

Life Span of a Giraffe: First, the sad thing I found is that only 20% to 25% of Giraffes even make it to adulthood.  Of those, the life expectancy is approximately 10-15 years in the wild, and 28 years in captivity.

Size: Fully grown, a male giraffe can reach heights of 16 – 20 ft. and weigh about 2,600 lbs., while a female will reach around 15 ft.  and weigh about 1,800 lbs.  Giraffe’s are the tallest mammals in the world!

Family type Female giraffes tend to herd together in groups that average 10-12 members, caring for the young.  Young bulls, once able to care for themselves, will create a separate group, a “bachelor herd”, until the reach full maturity.  At that point, bulls will often live alone, save for mating.  They do not mate for life, but rather leave again once the deed is done.

Gestation Period: 13 – 15 months.  That’s a new  one from me!

Speed: In a short sprint at full speed, a giraffe can get up to 35 MPH!

Ossicones:  These are the hairy horns on a giraffe’s head.  Males use them to fight, but that’s about it.

World Giraffe Day: The first ever World Giraffe Day was on June 21, 2014.


I do not own any of these images, all rights to Animal Adventure Park and the respective photographer(s).


Random Facts about Giraffe Birthing

Female giraffes tend to return to the place THEY were born to give birth to their own babies.

During birth, a calf will fall around 6 feet to the ground from their mother.  Don’t worry, they’re built for it!

Momma giraffes don’t stop to give birth.  This is due to the risk of predators in the wild.  They will keep walking for the most part.

A calf will usually be on her feet within an hour of birth, and nursing shortly after.

A newborn will weigh approximately 100-150 lbs and be 6 feet tall.


April and Oliver, my favorite power couple!  I do not own any of these images, all rights and credit to Animal Adventure Park and the respective photographer(s).

Well, that’s all I’ve gotten!  At the time of writing this, there are no hooves swinging around yet, but maybe by the time this goes live?  We’ll have to see!

To learn more about the zoo dear April lives in, please visit their:

Website: www.TheAnimalAdventurePark.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnimalAdventurePark

And hey, if you’re in the NY area, maybe visit and get me a souvenir!  (Just kidding 😉 ): 85 Martin Hill Rd, Harpursville, NY 13787



Miles Stroter bringing Real Life HBCU Life to the Reel Screen of HBCU on The Quad

By Juquinthe Norman

Miles Stroter is one of the stars of the new hit BET show The Quad. He plays Junior, a lovable football player & BoJohn’s roommate at Georgia A&M University.

“It’s funny how the universe works. I finished playing football at Morehouse in 2010, and went on and played in the AFL for 5 weeks, before I decided to stop playing ball to pursue my acting career. Best decision I’ve ever made!” said  Stroter.

Miles what drew you into acting & to play Junior on The Quad?

Acting kinda drew to me; I kept getting these random acting opportunities while pursuing a professional football career. So I decided to take it serious and god just keeps opening doors.

 One of my good friends who plays “Vernon” on the show “Jock Mckisic” gave me a call and told me he had booked this new pilot and they were looking for more cast members, so I sent in an audition and I got a call with the offer for the role of “Junior” the very next day.

 How are you similar & not similar to Junior on The Quad? If you could give Junior any advice what would it be?

Junior and I are both amazing friends, we both are very loyal and we both are very comical. We differ is our background; Junior is a country kid from Little Rock Arkansas and I’m from the South Side of Chicago.

Do you play football in real life & what it is like to film the show at Morehouse College a real HBCU in Georgia?

I actually attended Morehouse College, so the whole experience was super surreal! It’s funny how the universe works. I finished playing football at Morehouse in 2010, and went on and played in the AFL for 5 weeks, before I decided to stop playing ball to pursue my acting career. Best decision I’ve ever made! 

 Do you have any advice for inspiring actors who want to get into the business?

 Definitely, to all my aspiring actors out there, stay true to you, and don’t do anything that will compromise your integrity to come up, don’t expect any hand outs or put ons, and to trust/enjoy your process. Everyone’s journey is different! 

  What is your dream role?

My dream roles are to play Paul Robeson and Marcus Garvey and Yogi Bear! 

I love the bromance between roommates & teammates Junior and Bo John have in the show. I really that love Junior had Bo John’s back when you see Bo John’s father attack him in their dorm room. Are you & Jake Allyn close in real life?

 Since we started filming Jake has become my brother, I think our styles compliment one another pretty well, as you can see on camera.

What has been your favorite storyline this season?

 My favorite storyline is Cedric and Bryce’s storyline, because I’m from Chicago and I think Peyton Alex Smith does an amazing job, but also their dynamic shows the socio-economic differences in how someone from the inner city of Chicago reacts to situations as opposed to “Blueblood” who had a middle class up bringing. Their storyline reminds me of my time at Morehouse College. 

 Is there a character you wish Junior could interact with and/or a storyline you would like to see for Junior in season 2 if the show is renewed for a Season 2? 

  I want my character to interact with Dr. Fletcher a little more, Anika Noni Rose is so dynamic I think we’d have some powerful scenes. 

When the show gets picked up for a 2nd Season I would like to see Junior go to Texas with Bojohn and experience his culture. I think that story line would be hilarious, Jake and I would kill that! 

I love that show tackles social issues such as racism, sexism, child abuse college campus rape, gun violence, & socioeconomic inequality. What do you think of the show tackling social issues in full force?

 I love the amazing job that our producers and writers are doing with tackling real issues that everyone can relate to. Everyone knows someone affected by racial injustices, sexual abuse, gender biases, bullying and classism; in this aspect The Quad is a major success!

 We saw that Junior & BoJohn are on the outs at the moment since their experiment on gender differences with Tiesha back fired? Will we see BoJohn, Junior, & Tiesha reconcile? 

 You have to tune in to the season finale to see if we reconcile our differences, I’ll just say that sometimes families and friends have disagreements but in the end love conquers all! 

 The trailer looks amazing for the season 1 finale of The Quad. Any scoop you give on the season 1 finale Miles? 

Just know that the season 1 finale will be a doozie!!! 

You hear that ladies & gentlemen get ready for the season finale to leave you wanting more! The Quad season 1 finale airs Wednesday, March 29th at 10pm EST on BET.







Let’s Talk About… The Tartiest Pro To Go Palette!

My Michele Villery

Recently, I  decided to update my look a bit. Just freshen up the makeup. I do this every couple of years.

I’ve been watching a bunch of you tube tutorials and wanted to try out some cruelty free cosmetics and skin care.

I started with Tarte Cosmetics, who is known for their cruelty free and excellent products.   I bought their Tartiest Pro To Go Palette  for travel.   It came out several months ago, looked great so I decided to give it try.

This mini palette is great!   There are 6 shades in all.  There is Hype,  Drive,  Styling,  Boss, Hype, Crisp and Dominate.

So 3 shimmers, 3 mattes and you can make several looks.  Including a smokey eye if you want.  These are neutral enough to wear every day as well.

If you look at this swatch,  (sorry about the sun people! 🙂 )   these are very pigmented and buttery.  Also, there is very little fallout.  These also blend great.

Here’s my final look.


I am so happy with this mini palette that I ordered the larger  palette that I’ll be reviewing soon!

Tarte, you have me as a customer.  What is everyone else using these days?




Once upon a time…..

By: Michele Lemieur

Once upon a time there was a book that attracted readers young and old.  I am sure that when Stephanie Meyer wrote Twilight that she did not expect the global ramifications that it would leave in its wake.  I personally was a late comer to the Twilight world, but soon learned that it was so much more than a young adult, paranormal love triangle between a human girl, a vampire and a werewolf.

After numerous times of picking up the book and putting it back on the shelf, I said ‘what the heck!’ and bought it.  I lived in Phoenix, Arizona for many years and was instantly hooked.  Bella spoke of a place that I once called home and my school district by name. I saw myself in her.  Having moved from Phoenix when I was a freshman in high school to a small town in Northern Michigan and her to Washington, her struggles were mine.

I power read that series within a matter of a few days. Seeking out others who felt as I did, I found myself on the TwilightMoms website where I discovered a page for Michigan Moms. Who knew that what happened next would change my life forever.  A Michigan woman invited me to join her yahoo group, MiTwi (Michigan Twilight Moms) only to find out she lived ten minutes from me.  So, I took a chance and called her and made a date to see Twilight.

Sonya and I became fast friends as did the other MiTwi’s.  Nine years later, our lives  are intertwined so far beyond a book series.  We encourage each other, support each other and love each other like sisters.  The core numbers have dwindled some, but we’re still connected via social media.  Some have gotten married, some have had children, some have new business ventures and others live vicariously through our international traveler.


A seven years ago, I traveled to Forks with three of my girls. It was more than just about a book.  Sure we went to LaPush, Rialto Beach, the real high school, hiked the Hoh (rainforest that is), but we fell in love with this quiet little corner of the world. We all threaten to move there permanently one day. The Twilight craze had died, but the lifelong bonds that were made because of a book will live on forever.


Sunset at LaPush Indian Reservation (photo by M Lemieur)




Ya, that’s me. Happy. Peaceful.

P.S…..all photos by me 🙂





Got Caked Lip Fondant???

By Juquinthe Norman
I first of heard of the Tampa, Florida based Caked Makeup Vegan Lip Fondant through the Ipsy Glam Bag deals last month. Caked was selling 3 of their top selling  lip fondants for as a set of 3 for $18. Amazing deal. The normal price for one lip fondant is $16.
 Caked matte dry lip fondants have 9 colors to select from & vary from shades of reds, purples, pinks, & nudes. I find that the  colors dry fast  are long lasting even after eating & drinking throughout the day.
 I received the 3 colors Low Key, Creme De La Creme, & Legit through the Ipsy Glam bag deal.
In my photo, I’m wearing the gorgeous Low Key.
I just ordered a new color, Copy Paste, from them today. I would recommend to beauty lovers to give this new makeup line of a year run by 2 sisters a try!
Go out find the color that fits your style & personality best.
Find your inner Caked ladies & gents!




Deja Revu

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Science Fiction



Music for the Soul

by Michele Lemieur

Sometimes a song can say what your heart can’t.  I have always loved music and to this day can be transported to a place or time with just a song.  My older brother exposed me to the punk bands of the 80’s while I worked at a western restaurant with my mother that had a live country band. Needless to say, my musical tastes are all encompassing.

I remember one day at work I had my iTunes music playing when the IT guy sitting next to me says, “you are the only person I know that can go from a French love song to Rob Zombie.” Well, what can I say? That was until I discovered Pandora and a whole new world of music was opened up to me. Even at 42, I still love a heavy bass or dubstep.  Ahhh dubstep,  I actually found a song that could give me goose bumps just listening to it. What is dubstep? It’s a form of electronic dance music. Let me introduce you to Bassnectar’s Butterfly (ft Mimi Page).

Bassnectar’s Butterfly (ft Mimi Page)

The year Emily was born and then got her angel wings, Diamond Rio’s One More Day was a big hit.  This song said everything my heart prayed for, but I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied with only one more day with her. I began collecting songs that made me think of her. Kenny Chesney’s Who’d You Be Today, Alter Bridge’s In Loving Memory, Garth Brooks’ When You Come Back To Me Again…now this one spoke to my soul.  I never questioned my faith and this song reminded me that God was with me and my daughter wanted me to live and be happy. She and I will have our time, but not yet. I have to raise her brothers first.

Garth Brooks’ When You Come Back to Me Again

I am so happy to be able to share my love of music with my oldest. He has recently discovered the 80’s genre. I am so in my glory with this one! He’s always asking, “Hey ma, do you know this one?”  We are always sharing our newest favorites or dislikes for that matter. My youngest like country music and especially Luke Bryan.  Who’d a thunk?

Music can inspire hope in the most darkest of moments, it can remind us of our most cherished memory and it can empower and encourage greatness when we need someone to say you are awesome!

Sia’s Alive…….I’m alive!