Infertility: Blessing or a Curse?

By Michele Lemieur


Six  years of pokes, prods and pills, and we were still childless.  I worked in a urology practice when my hormone levels were finally “normal” and we decided to run a semen analysis on my ex.  His sperm count was almost non-existent.  The doctors were still hopeful that we could conceive on our own, but still no baby. Little ones joined our circle of friends and we were the best aunt and uncle to them all. We wanted to be a mommy and daddy though.

Together, we decided to look into donor sperm. Ha…..what an eye opening experience that was! Every combination of male characteristic and heritage with family medical history, college education and pregnancy success rates.  Holy crap! Talk about overwhelming.  I printed out the closest matches to my ex and together we chose.  The child would at least be genetically one of us. He didn’t have any qualms about this child not being his biologically.  We wanted a family and at last we had some real hope it would happen.

Timing was essential between my Clomid, ovulation and our precious cargo. An ovulation predictor gave us a small window in time for the IUI, intrauterine insemination to be preformed. Jackpot! First time and I was pregnant, but this little one was not meant to be. My declining hCG level told us our worst fear.  However, I HAD BEEN PREGNANT! After a little break, we tried again adding prometrium and folic acid after the IUI to sustain my hormone levels.  Steadily rising hCG levels made us cautiously optimistic our little would make it.  I continued on the prometrium through my first trimester to encourage growth of the uterine lining, my babies home. Unfortunately when the time came to stop the prometrium, I wouldn’t know if my baby was in trouble until it was too late.

Six weeks later, we saw a heartbeat, strong and steady. I was finally going to be a mommy! It had been a long road to finally getting pregnant, so now I only had to stay this was for another 34 weeks. I truly understood the miracle that was growing within that God blessed me to carry.



 364Michele is the single mother of three and two furbabies. By day, she’s a certified medical assistant in a busy rheumatology practice and a personal assistant at Author’s Assistant Agency to author Michele Villery by night. A lover of the written word when the real world and her children allow. 




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